Getting the Dead Tree out of Our Yard

When one of our trees got hit by lightning, my husband and our neighbor said they would take care of it. We are insured, but I still told them no! It is not that I don’t trust them, but they don’t have the best track record for major projects like this. I knew that it was best to leave this kind of work to a company that does professional Queens tree services. I looked online because I knew there were a few in our area, and I wanted to look over each website before I made the decision on which one to use.

I really liked the website that Miguel’s Tree Care had for a number of reasons. Continue reading Getting the Dead Tree out of Our Yard

Getting Books a Better Way

Each year when it’s time to get my textbooks for school, I head on down to the bookstore and hunt them down, and then I stand in the long line for half an hour and wait to pay high prices for the books. Sometimes I can find the books I need from an online store for a cheaper price, but I’m not really saving that much money, and instead of waiting in line, I’m waiting for the book to come in the mail. The easiest way to get my books without spending time or money is through Piratebay.

Using the bay, I can just download the books, and print out the sections I need at my leisure. I can get free printing done from the computer lab in the Computer Science building, so there is no cost to me. Even if I had to pay for printing, the cost per page is only 1 cent, so it’s still very inexpensive. Continue reading Getting Books a Better Way

Started Work on an Old House

Paul found this house for me about five months ago. I could have bought it any time since then, but I was not all that enthused by the amount of work that needs to be done. Of course I was willing to take it if the price was really in my favor when the deal was signed. Eventually the guy decided that he wanted to be rid of the place. Right now I am working through a long list. The first thing was I needed to hire a guy who does sewer cleaning in Bronx NY. There was a pretty strong odor down in the basement and it was from where something was blocking the sewer line out of the house. Continue reading Started Work on an Old House

A Flock of Pigeons Was Pooping All over Our Stonework!

We had a bird feeder that was for the small birds. However, the small birds knock out a lot of seed. It falls on the ground, and ground-feeding birds then eat it up. That was not a problem until a flock of pigeons took notice of the feeder. Then I was filling it with seed every day. I was going through many pounds of it, and the pigeon flock kept getting bigger. They would take off in a cloud of activity when I opened the door. I had to call bird control in NJ when I discovered how much of a mess they were making out of the stonework of our house.

There were white streaks coming down from every windowsill, and there were sections of the tile roof that had a lot of droppings on it. They would land and go constantly. You could see it coming out when you looked up at them. It was like a constant flow of chalky white waste. Continue reading A Flock of Pigeons Was Pooping All over Our Stonework!

I Had a Big Problem in My Bed

I am a pretty squeamish person when it comes to cleanliness. I spend time every single night after work making sure that my place is nice and clean. What surprised me was dealing with bed bug removal in Manhattan NY recently. Just a couple of months before I had spent a lot of time vacuuming my mattress, so it came out of left field to me. Every Saturday morning, I deep clean my apartment.

I think most of us have heard of what bed bugs are, but I personally had never seen them in person before. I was not even sure what they looked like. I thought they might look like fleas, but I was not sure. In reality, they are even smaller than a flea and incredibly hard to see. There is a common myth that only dirty and sloppy people have a problem with them. Continue reading I Had a Big Problem in My Bed

Making It to Navy Standard Fitness

I always thought of myself as a pretty fit guy. I did light exercise every day and ate a pretty healthy diet. I wasn’t muscular like some kind of body builder, but I did have a little muscle definition. When I was introduced to the Navy SEAL fitness experience by one of my friends who was in the Navy, I thought I was going to die. The exercises that I did in the program were some of the hardest I had ever done, and my body was aching after only the first day. Even while resting, my muscles were so sore.

Eventually my body got used to the exercises and the soreness went away. I noticed a drastic improvement in the kinds of exercises I could do. When I first started, I could only do 3 pull ups before my body got tired and I couldn’t lift myself up anymore. After a month of exercising, I was able to do 20 pull ups, and after a little bit of rest, I was ready to do 20 more after that. The muscle definition that I gained from the exercises made the definition I had before look like a complete joke.

When I look in the mirror, I don’t see the same athletic guy that I saw before I did the fitness program. I’m a lot more muscular. I’m still not at the same level as a body builder, but I have gotten noticeably bigger. It’s like I’ve been using muscles that I didn’t know I had, and even gained some new ones. I have a feeling that I could do something like run a marathon or a triathlon. I’ve always wanted to do one of those, but could never find the time to train for one. I’ll make that my next goal.

She Wanted a Clothes Line at Our New House

My wife has always preferred hanging clothes out to dry rather than putting them in the electric dryer in the basement. When we moved, we had a much smaller yard, and she thought her days of drying clothes outside was done. I knew she was disappointed over this, so I went online to see if I could find something that would make it still possible to dry clothes outdoors. What I found was a drying rack designed by Breezecatcher, and I ordered it on the spot because I knew it was exactly what we needed for our yard.

I did not tell her about it at first. I knew that it would not take long to be delivered, and I wanted to put it together and install it as a surprise for her. I could have went with a few different kinds of clothes lines and racks, but I really liked the drying rack the best. It is compact enough to fit in the yard without taking up a lot of space. Continue reading She Wanted a Clothes Line at Our New House

I Want a New TV

I have been wanting a new TV for several months now. I could have bought one when I first decided that I wanted one, but I knew that I would be able to save money on the purchase of one if I waited until Black Friday. There was nothing wrong with my old set, other than it being small, so I decided to wait to see how much I could save on the day after Thanksgiving. I did a search for online Black Friday deals for 2015 to see if I could get any tips on which retailers to look at for big screen TVs.

What I found was even better. Continue reading I Want a New TV

Concerning Alternative Fuels and Energy

Alternative fuels or non-conventional fuels have been among the major breakthroughs in science, bringing minimal use of conventional fuels like fossil fuels coal, propane, and natural gas and nuclear materials. Some of the alternative fuels today are the bioalcohol (ethanol, butanol), biodiesel, chemically stored electricity (batteries and fuel cells), non-fossil natural gas, hydrogen, vegetable oil, non-fossil methane, and other biomass sources. Most of these do not anymore come from complicated processes since several experts today are already knowledgeable about how to make alternative fuels cheaply. is one of the leading alternative energy providers available to Texans. Continue reading Concerning Alternative Fuels and Energy

Customer Service Without the Bundle Plan

With all the hub bub about a potential raise on interstate business tax in Kentucky (rumors, really!), our company has decided to pack bags and hit the road with their thumb stretched out in hopes that some friendly state will take pity on their ways. Of course, this means that I am finding myself in the process of moving along with them all the way to Texas! At least it’s somewhere warm, I suppose, and I was able to find texas electricity companies in copperas cove with ease thanks to this website: After some idle research through Google I found this site topping the search results and, truthfully, I tend to actively avoid using the first page results even if they might be the best, I rather find something that might be more unique or clever. Sometimes it’s the esoteric that can offer the better information that you’re looking for, even if they’re not the prettiest of websites.

Still. I found myself coming back to the website admiring it’s modern design with a touch of minimal sleekness that just screams ‘Web 2.0′. Continue reading Customer Service Without the Bundle Plan