Started Work on an Old House

Paul found this house for me about five months ago. I could have bought it any time since then, but I was not all that enthused by the amount of work that needs to be done. Of course I was willing to take it if the price was really in my favor when the deal was signed. Eventually the guy decided that he wanted to be rid of the place. Right now I am working through a long list. The first thing was I needed to hire a guy who does sewer cleaning in Bronx NY. There was a pretty strong odor down in the basement and it was from where something was blocking the sewer line out of the house. Continue reading Started Work on an Old House

A Flock of Pigeons Was Pooping All over Our Stonework!

We had a bird feeder that was for the small birds. However, the small birds knock out a lot of seed. It falls on the ground, and ground-feeding birds then eat it up. That was not a problem until a flock of pigeons took notice of the feeder. Then I was filling it with seed every day. I was going through many pounds of it, and the pigeon flock kept getting bigger. They would take off in a cloud of activity when I opened the door. I had to call bird control in NJ when I discovered how much of a mess they were making out of the stonework of our house.

There were white streaks coming down from every windowsill, and there were sections of the tile roof that had a lot of droppings on it. They would land and go constantly. You could see it coming out when you looked up at them. It was like a constant flow of chalky white waste. Continue reading A Flock of Pigeons Was Pooping All over Our Stonework!