Getting Books a Better Way

Each year when it’s time to get my textbooks for school, I head on down to the bookstore and hunt them down, and then I stand in the long line for half an hour and wait to pay high prices for the books. Sometimes I can find the books I need from an online store for a cheaper price, but I’m not really saving that much money, and instead of waiting in line, I’m waiting for the book to come in the mail. The easiest way to get my books without spending time or money is through Piratebay.

Using the bay, I can just download the books, and print out the sections I need at my leisure. I can get free printing done from the computer lab in the Computer Science building, so there is no cost to me. Even if I had to pay for printing, the cost per page is only 1 cent, so it’s still very inexpensive. Continue reading Getting Books a Better Way