Fixing Our Air Conditioner the Same Day

It’s been really warm in the city all week, and we’ve been running our air conditioning unit all the time. When I came into the office this morning, I tried to switch it on, but it wouldn’t work. I told our building manager, and he took a look. The unit was broken, so he told me he would find someone who specialized in AC installation in New York City to come in and fix it. He called them early in the morning, and they were there within the hour, which was amazing.

When you run a business, you have to keep your employees and your clients happy. If they come into a hot, stuffy office without any air conditioning, they’re not going to be very pleased with you. It could even lead to them taking their business elsewhere. Continue reading Fixing Our Air Conditioner the Same Day

I Needed a Reminder to Get My Strength Back

I found out as a senior that I was not as strong as I looked to people. I had always had a reputation for being tough, but when you are living on your own and your body is not as strong as it used to be, you seem to lose some of the strength that you have felt all your life. Not having a husband was tough, too. I needed help with roof repair in Queens and I would help my hubby with things like that before he passed away. I would be the one who would lug the tools around and give him things he needed. Now I knew that I couldn’t even get up on the roof anymore by himself just to do a simple repair. The truth was that I needed some help.

I decided to call someone out to do the work that I needed that next week. Continue reading I Needed a Reminder to Get My Strength Back

I Thought a Little Too Highly of My Own Abilities

I’ve always found a bit of pride in the fact that I can do a lot of things around our house that my other male friends cannot. They often need to call someone for help to come do all the work for them, but I am pretty good on figuring things out by just taking a look at them. I am the one who taught myself how to rewrite lamps, put in new outlets and things like that. I had to call an electrician in New Jersey for help because I got myself in over my head one day due to not having the experience that I assumed that I had.

My wife was in the kitchen one night, and I told her that I was going out back to work on the fuse box. I needed to try to fix some old wiring in it that seemed to look a little old and dangerous to me. I assumed it would be pretty easy to fix. I made sure to look at some diagrams online before I got really into it. Continue reading I Thought a Little Too Highly of My Own Abilities