Customer Service Without the Bundle Plan

With all the hub bub about a potential raise on interstate business tax in Kentucky (rumors, really!), our company has decided to pack bags and hit the road with their thumb stretched out in hopes that some friendly state will take pity on their ways. Of course, this means that I am finding myself in the process of moving along with them all the way to Texas! At least it’s somewhere warm, I suppose, and I was able to find texas electricity companies in copperas cove with ease thanks to this website: After some idle research through Google I found this site topping the search results and, truthfully, I tend to actively avoid using the first page results even if they might be the best, I rather find something that might be more unique or clever. Sometimes it’s the esoteric that can offer the better information that you’re looking for, even if they’re not the prettiest of websites.

Still. I found myself coming back to the website admiring it’s modern design with a touch of minimal sleekness that just screams ‘Web 2.0′. I like these kind of sites as they are straight and to the point, giving me the information that I am looking for without overloading my eyes with affiliate links or distracting me with offers of discounts and sales. Instead, they give me a site that offers plenty of information regarding the electric companies in the area while comparing median prices between them. I didn’t even look for that but there it is, given up to me on a silver platter of HTML and CSS. What a beautiful thing. This is what I certainly call golden customer service as they are simply giving you the tool to find exactly the information you need, without trying to sell you a package deal.