Fixing Our Air Conditioner the Same Day

It’s been really warm in the city all week, and we’ve been running our air conditioning unit all the time. When I came into the office this morning, I tried to switch it on, but it wouldn’t work. I told our building manager, and he took a look. The unit was broken, so he told me he would find someone who specialized in AC installation in New York City to come in and fix it. He called them early in the morning, and they were there within the hour, which was amazing.

When you run a business, you have to keep your employees and your clients happy. If they come into a hot, stuffy office without any air conditioning, they’re not going to be very pleased with you. It could even lead to them taking their business elsewhere. That’s why the little things like this are so important. I’m glad the company we used recognized the urgency of the situation and responded as quickly as they did. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting them to be able to respond until later in the day, but they rolled up in their work truck sooner than I anticipated.

Something I really appreciated was that there was very little disruption to our business. The technician checked in with me, and then went to work. Because the air conditioning unit is far away from our office, we really didn’t hear anything at all. After working for a short time, the air magically turned back on, and everyone in our office shared a collective sigh of relief. It’s amazing how something so minor can have such an impact on everyone. I’m really thankful that our building manager knew who to call for this type of problem, and I’m also thankful that the company he called was able to help us out and fix everything.