Getting Info out to More People Was My Main Goal

As a teacher for 25 years, it was repeatedly noticeable that it was incredibly hard to get parents of the students to stay engaged with the teachers and administrators. It never changed for the better. The principal of the school that I worked at expected each teacher to help keep the school’s website up to date with information that could help parents. Visits to the site were often low. When I was elected to the county school board, I wanted to change that. That’s how we partnered with Massive Infinity mobile app development to get an app created for both parents and teachers to use.

Times have changed, and many young people are more apt to use their phones to get information. In the case of adults, they often don’t have a lot of time to sit at home and check websites, so they often use their cell phones to stay up to date about things in this fast paced world as well. Look around anytime you are out in public and notice just how many people are staring down at their smart phone compared to how many people you see looking at their laptop when they are out and about. Sure, many people use their computers at home, but often, they want to spend that time at home playing games, paying bills online or whatever else they need to do.

Getting an app made for our school system was a fantastic idea. Everyone on the school board was in agreement with the idea. I then tasked each of the assistant superintendents with the job of figuring out what the most important things to include would be. After about 6 months of working on our plans, we met with the previously mentioned company to discuss our idea. They worked hard to make us something that both parents and students could use, and we found that both sets of people became much more engaged with keeping up with school info.