Getting the Dead Tree out of Our Yard

When one of our trees got hit by lightning, my husband and our neighbor said they would take care of it. We are insured, but I still told them no! It is not that I don’t trust them, but they don’t have the best track record for major projects like this. I knew that it was best to leave this kind of work to a company that does professional Queens tree services. I looked online because I knew there were a few in our area, and I wanted to look over each website before I made the decision on which one to use.

I really liked the website that Miguel’s Tree Care had for a number of reasons. The main one because of how detailed it is. There is information there about tree trimming, pruning and removal as well as other services they provide. In addition to all of the information available there, there is also pictures to explain even more about these tree services that they perform. While I was really upset that the tree was going to be removed, I was happy that professionals who are trained in this sort of thing would be the ones to remove it from our property.

I read about the dangers of keeping a tree that has been severely damaged, and I was not looking forward to having any of the potential damage happen to our house or property. When I contacted Miguel’s Tree Care, they were able to give me a free estimate on how much it would cost to have the tree removed. I was actually surprised, and I joked with my husband that it would cheaper to go with them than to pay a deductible on our insurance if he and our neighbor took the tree down. Thankfully, he agreed, and the pros handled the removal for us!