I Needed a Reminder to Get My Strength Back

I found out as a senior that I was not as strong as I looked to people. I had always had a reputation for being tough, but when you are living on your own and your body is not as strong as it used to be, you seem to lose some of the strength that you have felt all your life. Not having a husband was tough, too. I needed help with roof repair in Queens and I would help my hubby with things like that before he passed away. I would be the one who would lug the tools around and give him things he needed. Now I knew that I couldn’t even get up on the roof anymore by himself just to do a simple repair. The truth was that I needed some help.

I decided to call someone out to do the work that I needed that next week. I fretted about having strangers in, on and around my house. I wondered why I was so nervous. I was never so anxious when my husband was alive. I did not like this new me who was so worried about things. But the roofers showed up the next week and they were so nice and friendly. They worked really hard. I would go outside at times and ask everyone if they would like something to drink. I brought out some ice cold soft drinks and they all sat outside on my deck for a quick break while they drank them. They told me about their wives and children. I no longer felt fear.

Getting the roof fixed really helped me get back on track again. I felt my old strength come back. My home was now fixed, and I was also reminded that people are often very kind. The guy who did all the work were very kind and polite. They did a good job, communicated with me and left. I knew that I could go forward in life again with no problem.