I Thought a Little Too Highly of My Own Abilities

I’ve always found a bit of pride in the fact that I can do a lot of things around our house that my other male friends cannot. They often need to call someone for help to come do all the work for them, but I am pretty good on figuring things out by just taking a look at them. I am the one who taught myself how to rewrite lamps, put in new outlets and things like that. I had to call an electrician in New Jersey for help because I got myself in over my head one day due to not having the experience that I assumed that I had.

My wife was in the kitchen one night, and I told her that I was going out back to work on the fuse box. I needed to try to fix some old wiring in it that seemed to look a little old and dangerous to me. I assumed it would be pretty easy to fix. I made sure to look at some diagrams online before I got really into it. I even looked over everything that I was reading about three times. I felt confident enough to go out and start working after that. I cold not see really well out there, so I had a flashlight propped up on top of a cabinet nearby. Even then it was tough to see what I was doing. I kept on working anyway.

That same night, my wife yelled through the wall that dinner was ready. She was making my favorite steak and potato dinner, so I rushed to go have some. I filled up and then ate even more. I felt drowsy and felt like going to sleep, but I knew I needed to finish the job I started on. When I got back to the task at hand, I accidentally blew something in the fuse box and turned out most all of the power to the house. I knew there was no way I could fix that, so I had to call in an electrician the next day for health.