She Wanted a Clothes Line at Our New House

My wife has always preferred hanging clothes out to dry rather than putting them in the electric dryer in the basement. When we moved, we had a much smaller yard, and she thought her days of drying clothes outside was done. I knew she was disappointed over this, so I went online to see if I could find something that would make it still possible to dry clothes outdoors. What I found was a drying rack designed by Breezecatcher, and I ordered it on the spot because I knew it was exactly what we needed for our yard.

I did not tell her about it at first. I knew that it would not take long to be delivered, and I wanted to put it together and install it as a surprise for her. I could have went with a few different kinds of clothes lines and racks, but I really liked the drying rack the best. It is compact enough to fit in the yard without taking up a lot of space. The even rows means she will be able to hang anything on it, and she can even put something on top of it if she wants to.

After I installed it, I brought her outside to look at it, and she actually had tears in her eyes, she was that happy. It means so much to her for a couple of reasons. First, she is really trying to do her part in being green, but it also brings back such great memories of her childhood too. I’m a guy so I couldn’t care less how my laundry is done, but I am also a husband so I want to do anything I can to make my wife happy. Having this drying rack makes her smile, and that is plenty enough reason for me!