Started Work on an Old House

Paul found this house for me about five months ago. I could have bought it any time since then, but I was not all that enthused by the amount of work that needs to be done. Of course I was willing to take it if the price was really in my favor when the deal was signed. Eventually the guy decided that he wanted to be rid of the place. Right now I am working through a long list. The first thing was I needed to hire a guy who does sewer cleaning in Bronx NY. There was a pretty strong odor down in the basement and it was from where something was blocking the sewer line out of the house. I had to figure that out and get it done, otherwise the place was pretty difficult to stomach. You did not want to be done there if you had an upset stomach. It would not have ended very well. After that the most important thing is to re do the wiring. I do not know who originally did it, but I do not think that it was done by a licensed electrician. If it was, then the guy must have been drunk when he did the job. I have no clue how it got past inspection, but it was probably done thirty some years ago. Maybe they were not very strict about that stuff back then. At any rate the entire house needs to wired properly, but I can do that myself and it is going to be done right when I get done with it. I would like to do the kitchen over first, but that is going to be more expensive than the other stuff that needs to be done and I shall probably put it off for awhile.