We Chose the Right Electricity Plan

Even though I had my choice of different energy companies, I knew that I wanted to have TXU Energy from the start. That is the company that my parents have had for a while, and they are nothing but pleased with them. That was all the endorsement I needed to know that I was going to choose them as my energy provider as well. The one choice I did have to make was in determining which of the TXU plans I wanted to sign up under. There is a really wide range of options in this, and I wanted to make sure that I looked at each one carefully.

While I really liked all of them, there is one in particular that captured my attention. Just about everyone in the family is night owls. My wife and I both work the graveyard shift at home, and two of our three children are also prone to stay up past midnight. Since they are home schooled, this is not a huge deal. One of the plans if the Free Nights 24, which means that we get electricity free every night between 8 in the evening until five in the morning.

The plan goes for 24 months, which is not a big deal either since we will be staying with them for the long haul. What I had to figure out was if the higher rate was worth it over the other plans. Most of the other plans have lower rates, but none of them were offering free electricity during our prime hours of being awake and using the most electricity. After doing some careful math, we determined that this would be the best deal for us. After getting our first few electric bills, we knew we had made the right choice in going with this plan.